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Our Services

By filling out the order form and paying, you are saying to us that you will use the finished task for personal purposes. That means the finished piece should serve as a model for your future research or as an example of how to cite the material, how to structure the essay, how to format the essay. By no means can you resell the product to any company or person, nor can you publish it. Please note that the Company keeps the copyrights of the written pieces produced by the writers. Therefore, the client can only use the product for referencing purposes.

Order and Inquiry Details

To make an order or inquire about the writing process, you must fill out an online form on the web page. Keep in mind that you will be asked to provide your personal data to place an order. Please remember that on no condition will your private information be revealed or resold to any third parties. To learn more about confidentiality and the page's maintenance, go to the Policies section, and choose a Privacy Policy. Moreover, you are free to run a live chat with a customer representative agent.

To be up to date with the writing process, the Company will notify you about the order's details through an email. Notifications include the assignment's completion stage or possible clarifications. The total price of the task depends on several factors. They are the order's due date, word count, and academic level. The moment you pay for the order, it will be posted on the writing dashboard to find the most competent writer.

Rates, Charges, and Fees

You shall find everything related to the web page's prices on the main page. Also, you can find the price for your order by using a built-in calculator, choosing the assignment's type, deadline, and word limit. In case the task does not apply to any of the stated types, i.e., the requirements are unusual, or the deadline is extremely tight, or the subject is scarce, you should reach out to the customer support team and describe the overall instructions. The Company keeps the right to set its own rates and charges for the completed order.

Bear in mind that the client must provide all the requirements and specifics upon making an order. Failure to provide detailed or additional requirements and expectations regarding the finished product reflects in a delay. In that case, a free revision is not provided. The Company reserves the right to charge extra fees if the client intends to alter the instructions after the writer has started working on the assignment.

Identity Confirmation

The web page aims to protect the client from malicious activities with their accounts and prevent any blackmail and deceit. Since the Company operates on the web and provides services that require cashless payments, the website has to verify a customer's identity.

To operate within the law, we ask clients to identify themselves via a phonecall or document verification. All the documents will be used to confirm the customer's identity and will be removed when the order is completed and approved by the client. To enhance safety, we might ask the customer to confirm their verification once more. Please note that if for any reason, you fail to provide the Company with necessary documents, your order(s) will be canceled.


When the assignment is ready, the Company sends a notification to the client's email address and uploads the product to the personal account.

You can get a refund if your finished task is miswritten. The amount depends on the order's specifics. Acknowledge that the web page is not responsible for any issues that appear due to the technical or other problems at the client's side.

Go to a Refund Policy section to get familiar with the list of cases allowing you to get a partial or full refund.


You can request the revision within 14 days after the order's completion. The Company performs a free revision only per the original instructions. The customer must provide plausible reasons for a revision. These are reasonable commentaries from the educator that demonstrate that particular parts are missing. The customer can also explain the reason to revise the paper.


Under no circumstances does the Company tolerate plagiarism. We provide custom writing services and guarantee the paper's content is entirely exclusive.

The allowed plagiarism rate is less than 10%. It includes common wording, grammatical structure, and titles. To prevent plagiarism, a Quality Assurance team double-checks the completed assignment to ensure there are no traces of academic dishonesty. In case you spot that the plagiarism score is more than 10%, you can request revision or refund.

Note that by purchasing products from the Company, you agree to use it for research purposes only. The ordered assignments serve as examples to help the customer compose their own piece.

The web page is not held liable for the client's activities, such as academic fraud, probation, failure, and poor grading. Please bear in mind that we do not guarantee any exact grade; therefore, you can't ask for a refund if you did not receive the desired grade.


The Company guarantees that the customer's order will be completed following the requirements. The product will be original. We guarantee that your specific comments regarding the order completion (stated upon placing the order) will be entirely considered and included in the paper. We also guarantee that the assigned writer will follow the right structure as well as the formatting style. You will get a full-fledged product backed up by thorough research.

You are hereby requested to note and confirm the Company's occasional alteration of the given Terms and Conditions. We strongly recommend you to review the Terms and Conditions section regularly to be up-to-date with any changes occurring on our web page.