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Why a Personal Statement Is Essential

Personal statement for PhD degrees is a crucial stage in the admission process that presents a student’s candidacy, their real skills, and background trying to prove one’s proficiency, diligence, and ambitions to grasp the attention of the selective board. Each applicant already knows that it’s highly important to demonstrate talents, properties and to point out what academic activities a student can perform on a high level. Most admission board tutors consider and are willing to pick up an ideal candidate who will be well-rounded, responsible, and confident. Additionally, such a student should present their extracurricular activities like participating in studying meetings, competitions, conferences. All in all, by mentioning such facts in the personal piece, an applicant has incredible chances to apply to the desired department easily.

The way you represent your own personality and the way you write may become decisive for you. You should feel well what are your strong and weak points, explain why you’re worthy, present what makes you unique. Also, be ready to answer some quite complex questions, like ‘in ten years what do you picture yourself doing’ or ‘what is your vision to improve the area you’re planning to work in,’ etc. To look persuasive, you need to show your strong reasoning, motivation, and commitment. A big plus will be a letter of recommendation from a college tutor or a statement of academic purpose, where you’ll emphasize the reasons that drive you to choose a particular area and evidence on how you can develop your talents and upgrade your knowledge.

Writing a Statement

A statement of purpose is a supplementary document that significantly increases the applicant’s chances to show off and engage the admission committee. An applicant should do their best and everything possible to write a convincing piece to enroll successfully. Suffering a bit to compose a decent SoP or PS is better than regretting missing a chance. Generally, college personal statements are those kinds of documents that can guarantee a smooth and reliable enrollment in the dream university. That’s why you should compose a good statement:

  • Be competitive enough to look more convincing than other candidates. To look competitive, include such facts as previous academic and work experience, the field of interest, career goals, and reasons why you’re a worthy student.
  • Make a precise and condensed PS and try to show the core message in several sentences at the beginning and at the end of your statement. A catchy line is a must-have.
  • If you add one or two well-structured SoPs, you can get extra support from the admission board officers who value such documents a lot.
  • While composing your personal essay, concentrate on your positive traits only.

A personal statement or a statement of purpose has to be unique and applicable to the chosen qualification. To be blunt, a PhD student does not have the right to make the smallest mistake while performing a PS because such an error may cost a lot and signal wasted efforts. Show your fitting achievements in the related area, explain why it matches your desire to study there.

Ideal Personal Statement Structure

To be honest, there’s no universal way to create a perfect personal admission doc. But, there are specific requirements that are obligatory to adhere to get a well-composed and well-written statement that meets the standards. So, at least your application will be reviewed. Nevertheless, if you feel enough strength and confidence and want to max out your PS, then follow these points that will make a solid and worthy presentation of your achievements:

  • Speak to the point
  • Include valuable and necessary facts that show proper skills and the basis for a student of a particular academic direction.

  • Describe your accomplishments shortly
  • Demonstrate your skills and abilities well. Provide several instances from real-life situations.

  • Write in a neutral style
  • Use a conversational tone, don’t make your text too formal and too fictional. Forget about using slang words and ambiguous expressions.

  • Be honest
  • Do not exaggerate your accomplishments.

  • Create a logical and coherent plan.
  • It will help you to form an appropriate picture.

  • Make an essay condensed
  • But make it full of proper facts.

  • Do not exceed the word limit
  • Otherwise, it won’t be eligible.

  • Revise
  • When you finish composing a text, edit it carefully to remove possible mistakes.

  • Proofread your admission doc
  • Make sure it’s coherent, logical, and contains all the information you wanted to say.

  • Write a thesis
  • Also, make sure you put the core thesis in the first and last paragraphs.

Which perks will you get by hiring professional writing experts?

In case you got stuck with preparing an admission application and feel that you won’t cope with its creation on your own, you can use a masterful statement of purpose writing service that will assist you with the tough issues. You can hire our experienced specialists who can perform any academic text for any purpose. When you entrust us with writing a personal essay for you, we’ll ensure the high result, and you’ll get a top-notch application that will satisfy your expectations and the requirements of the chosen college. We’ll do our best to craft a well-built description of your personality and proper academic accomplishments.

Our service guarantees you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Your PS and SoP will include the most relevant and winning information to ensure the positive feedback of the selective board;
  • A comprehensive revision including grammar, lexis, and orthography checking;
  • Language and writing style checking and adding fitting expressions for the particular field;
  • Disclosing all the points that are vital for a perfect presentation;
  • Text readability revision;
  • No plagiarism and copying at all.

Additionally, we make our service more comfortable for our clients by launching the option to buy personal statement online. What you need is to register on our platform and create a personal client area where you can monitor your orders. Moreover, our dedicated writing team vouches for each expert, as we can cope with any academic direction — all the writers have relevant degrees and certificates. When you buy personal statement docs on our service, you’ll get your order on time with the preserved academic demands.

If you wish to get a consultation, our manager will assign a qualitative expert for you who will explain the slightest features of creating such admission documents and point on what you should pay attention to when crafting your personal essay or statement of purpose. Nothing can compare with our writers’ tips that will enhance your text quality greatly and will create a positive impression about your candidacy.

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