Working with students for years, we know how important trust is. Although we have a proven track record of satisfied clients, we strive to become better every day. To do that, customers need to have guarantees that different implementations won’t influence the papers’ quality. That is why we have constructed a full-fledged money-back guarantee that allows you to get a refund. Customers can track the entire writing process, being able to terminate the cooperation. That and other cases that make you as a client pertinent to get a full or partial refund, you can see down below:

The writer did not complete my order on time

Although it is not a daily issue, delays might occur. We are well aware of the deadlines' importance and do our best to meet them. Sadly, delays may happen, and no one can hide from them. Our writing workforce comprises qualified writers who have substantial experience writing scholarly articles, books, and essays. Therefore, they possess excellent time-management skills that allow them to deliver finished papers on time.

If you face a situation when the assigned writer has not uploaded the paper before the established due date, you will get a full refund. If, after the deadline, you no longer need a completed assignment, please inform the support team about your decision.

In case the writer has not met the deadline, but you want to get a completed assignment, a full refund is unattainable. Instead, you are entitled to get a partial reimbursement; the amount of a refund varies. Please contact our support team to learn more.

I paid for the order two times by accident

If you see that you have purchased the same order twice, we advise you to contact our support representative as soon as possible — you will get your money back. However, if you procrastinate and turn to us after days or months, the overall payback procedure can take much more time. Please provide the respective people with the screenshots of your bank statement, demonstrating the identical transactions. If the evidence is confirmed, you will get your money back. The sooner you leave the request, the faster you will receive a full recompensation.

I have ordered too many pages. Can I get my money back for the ones I don't want?

If you have placed an order with more pages than needed, you are eligible to get a part of the sum back if the writer hasn't started the order at that moment. If the writer has already started working on the assignment, it depends on the writing process. In case the research was carried out, and the assigned writer has completed ⅓ of the paper, a refund is impossible. In other cases, you will get a refund, which is a difference between the updated and previously set word count.

I made an order, but no one started working on it

Considering the vigorous workflow of orders, writers rarely do not accept assignments. In case that occurred to you, a customer support representative will keep you informed about the writer's availability. The support staff is online round-the-clock to ensure you are well aware of the writing process or undesired but possible issues. If no writers competent in your topic become accessible within a defined time, you will get a full refund.

The writer didn't meet the requirements, and I would like a refund

If your paper's particular parts miss crucial components and you can prove that, you are entitled to get a free revision during the three days after the order's completion. Our company will revise the paper within 14 days, thoroughly examining the essay. After the paper is revised, you have three additional days to check whether the corrected version covers the requirements and instructions. If you can still observe inaccuracies, you can raise your complaints by contacting our support center. When explaining the issue, please be ready to provide the representative with a detailed explanation of the revised paper's problems. The Resolution Center will examine your complaint within two days and reach back to you with a decision.

In case no claim during the three days arises, we will automatically consider the paper as successfully written per the given instructions. Therefore, the case tends to be resolved, and no partial or full reimbursement is possible.

If reimbursement was processed, the company keeps the right to publish, post, or use the paper for educational purposes. It means that the written piece may be found on various search engines or our web page as a sample of our works.

My paper has plagiarism issues

As we plagiarism-screen every paper, we guarantee that essays produced by the company are plagiarism-free. But, if you spot plagiarism in your written piece, we recommend turning to our team immediately. In case the paper's plagiarism score reaches 5% (the amount can be justified by standard wording, titles of works, cited quotes, etc.), we will revise a completed assignment. Although we use the most reputable plagiarism software, our QA team checks every underlined plagiarism sign manually.

Note: it is your responsibility to demonstrate the actual plagiarism in your work. We consider plagiarism as the one that is:

  • Confirmed by authoritative checkers, i.e., Turnitin, Copyleaks, and alike;
  • Proved by manual analysis.

Neglecting to do that results in the company's refusal of the refund as well as a free revision.